As a child of the 80’s, NIRO was born and raised in Atlantic City’s Pitney Village Projects,son to AC natives Josephine Cunningham and Abdul “Midget” Molley. Growing up in Atlantic City with a drug lord father gave NIRO early exposure to the game and a culturally diverse life style to develop his writing skills lyrically. Imagine, going to sleep to the sound of gunfire and awakening to the clanking of the massive gold rope chains swinging from your fathers neck…Or from the SkyPager on his waist to the money counter on the kitchen table…Or even , the loud music coming from the trunks of his fleet ,of white cars. “This is the life “, thought NIRO. To establish his own identity away from the shadows of his then incarcerated father, (released summer of ’06) hip hop was going to be NIRO’s salvation. It was a chance meeting between underground legend, Shamone Stylez and the west coast based Foster Brothers that landed NIRO in Beverly Hills, Ca. After spending a year in Los Angles recording and working with the likes of: R&B singer TANK, Lil Zane, producers Tim&Bob, Ron Feemster, not to mention the slew of DJ’s ranging from LA’s own DJ Warrior to 99.3 The Buzz’s host DJ DO IT ALL, NIRO was ready to takeover! With no good deal offered, NIRO returned to Atlantic City, looking to regroup and find a better outlet for his music. After a couple of DVD and mixed cd appearances NIRO was quickly catapulted back into the music scene…Even though on a local scale it was enough for him to hunger for more. Searching for the sound that gained him the buzz, in the first place, NIRO was back at it. Song after song, session after session, he worked diligently to rebuild his career. NIRO’s hard work paid off with a great offer to open for major acts at many of South Jersey’s nightclubs.”After watching his show, it was evident that NIRO’s fate was to be a performer. The crowd was amazed by his ability express his story in a way that it could start a fire in other people’s soul… “A star was born, I’ve never seen such a passion on the stage before!” said, DJ CandyGirl of WCLH 90.7 fm. In the Midst of flooding the streets with new material, NIRO’s close friend and music producer was tragically killed in a car accident with a drunk driver. This seemingly eclipsing the triple-homicide of his brother and two friends, wasn’t enough to deter NIRO from his dreams, of being the best. Despite his hardships, NIRO is not just another rapper looking for the good life through beats and catchy hooks. He is an artist that paints pictures with words using vivid imagery to better give you a glimpse of the life he chose!  

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