WOLFGANGJOC the 28 year old recording artist was born in Newark, NJ but raised in East Orange nj, better known as (illTown). He didn't live in the best neighborhoods but he was determined not to fall victim to the streets, So he developed a love for music at the early age of 7 and that became his outlet. From inspiration from artists such as naughty by nature, Queen latifa, wu-tang, Tupac, Nas, ja rule, digital underground, biggie smalls, mase, 50 cent, and many more he started mastering his craft. He went from recording on a double sided tape off of a radio that he brought with 3 weeks of his allowance, to battling all the older guys on the block, performing at local talent shows and even a private event for the mayor. He made it his mission to make his music mean something so much more, he began performing at many stop the violence events and community camps for kids hoping to inspire the youth and show them there is another way. In 2009 he met President of Nubian Entertainment, Robert Beck, He saw the potential that WOLFGANGJOC had, and made the decision to support him as his mentor. In 2013 he released his first single "Nike Socks" that immediately found success, doing 10,000 views in just only 1 week, then racing over a quarter of a million views in 2 months. Shortly after that he released another single "Famous Dream" which did great numbers, also in that same year he started his movement "Humble Vision" and Humble Vision Clothing. In 2015 he was awarded with the mc of the year award at the IndieVMA'S, being apart of the Grammy Recording Academy he is beyond ready to succeed, he is on a mission to live out his dreams, since then in 2016-2017 he took a slight break and  has evolved his sound and moved to Atlanta where he has been working hard learning how to record and produce his own music. Breathing fresh air in 2018 he started to release his music produced on his own beats, he started a series titled "1 min sundayz" where he release lyrics over popular beats for 1 minute long and puts it out every sunday. He is looking for 2019 to be bigger and better, he is ready for it.


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